Des and Liz wholeheartedly and enthusiastically embrace the DIY ethic. When rejected by officialdom, they started their own Olympic Torch Tour in 2012 (getting very lost in the process). In 2014, they took their own home-made baton round towns and villages neglected by the Queen’s Baton Relay, along the way becoming a voice for the disenfranchised and forgotten. Together with documentary film-maker and neighbour Dick, they were inspired to promote messages of positive mental health on their ‘Take The Black Dog Out On A Walk Tour’. No matter the cause, Des, Liz and Dick can be relied upon to bring humour and grassroots engagement to even the most serious of issues.

"Mischief La-Bas have an ethos and approach perfectly suited to tackling the stigma that still surrounds mental ill-health. Des and Liz’s presence at this year’s Festival is hugely inspiring." Tom Grayson writing for Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival 2015.