Hellbent on apologising for all their ancestors' wrongdoing - it's the 'Timid Vikings of Reknaestuff'!  Luckily, 1200 years after their first invasion, these extremely friendly and sympathetic Norse people don't destroy the towns and villages in their path but sweep through offering handshakes, crèche facilities and dog-walking.

Similar to our 'Local Hero' statue-building tours of 2009/10, the 'Timid Vikings of Reknaestuff' can literally appear from nowhere but being highly mobile, they can 'pillage' 3 or 4 villages per day, compensating descendants of their victims with gold coin or 2 inch square parcels of land in Norway.  Olaf, Borg, Freya, Gudrun and Jorgen want nothing more than to make lots of new friends, and cement relations for future generations to come.

"Well done to all concerned. It brought a welcome bit of humour to the grey streets. They promised to arrange a Viking funeral for me, but I must make it clear that I don't need it right now. Maybe they can come back when I'm dead!" - Jean of Banchory


"The 35 children were enthralled, and the mothers enjoyed being propositioned, but the staff wondered why they weren’t!!!! Their singing did leave a little to be desired, but the songs were very good. They were brilliant, thank you all so much!" - Shirley & Stephen at Lossiemouth Library.