Festival audiences were queuing around the block to view these rare and previously unknown specimens and were delighted and intrigued by what they saw. I would strongly recommend the Zoo to other festivals looking to raise awareness of these beautiful and strange Antarctic inhabitants. - Lorenzo Mele (Executive Producer, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow) talking about 'Professor Hildeberg's Hibernating Antarctic Zoo'

Fantastic engaging with the guests and creating hilarity wherever they went, just as we ordered - Lynne Kontou, National Library of Scotland

It was a joy to work with you all, your pleasant attitude and the hard work you all put in made my task of pulling the event ('All Aboard') together so much easier - Kirstie Blakeman, Liverpool Culture Company

What a performance - every element of your involvement was sensational - Colin Hartley, Glasgow City Council (Special Olympics)

You have let several hearts beat faster, made people think, amaze, laugh and cry. You were fantastic, thank you! - Werner Schrempf, La Strada International Festival of Street & Puppet Theatre

Many thanks to Mischief La Bas for their invaluable contribution to the success of our festive programme - Heather Ewing, UK Entertainment Controller, Center Parcs

The acts were all highly amusing and went down very well with the guests. Irana in particular seemed to mingle and fit in extremely well with the crowd - Kate Carrick-Buchanan, Abso!ute

Just a quick word to thank you guys for a great week at Henley. Thanks also for the great hat idea for the fiesta on Sunday. That went extremely well, and you obviously ran right out of materials such was the interest. Thank you for doing your stuff and all the best for the future. I am sure our paths will cross again - Stewart Collins (Director, Henley Festival)