Renowned naturalist and explorer Professor Hans Hildeberg claims to have discovered a wide variety of Antarctic creatures that have never before been seen by mankind.

Until recently those claims were met with ridicule and derision, but Senior Research Assistant Gretchen Pankhurst has developed an inspirational way to restore the Professor’s credibility and educate the public at the same time.

Gretchen realised the potential to transport and exhibit the creatures during their hibernating state in ‘Thermostatic Vivariums’ (fridges) and return them to their natural habitats unharmed  in good time for their natural awakening. The ecologically sound concept of Professor Hildeberg’s Famous Hibernating Zoo was born. To date, it has toured to Scotland, England, Belgium and Austria.


In groups of 20, visitors enjoy a brief Audio Visual presentation within the Zoo container, before undertaking an induction procedure to ensure the wellbeing of both visitors and the creatures they are about to engage with.

In the Exhibition Compound visitors are free to wander around the Zoo Enclosure to examine the hibernating creatures in their Thermostatic Vivariums. Zoo guides will inform and explain at every stage of this stimulating and educational experience.

"From the introductory film, through our induction, complete with the donning of protective clothing, to the hibernating oddities in their chill cabinets, this is a meticulously detailed, twinklingly humorous whimsy that melds Barnum and Bailey with David Attenborough" - Mary Brennan, The Herald.

"Festival audiences were queuing around the block to view these rare and previously unknown specimens and were delighted and intrigued by what they saw. I would strongly recommend the Zoo to other festivals looking to raise awareness of these beautiful and strange Antarctic inhabitants." - Lorenzo Mele (Executive Producer, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow)